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USED CAR CHECK of California


Evaluation Procedure

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The Systems on the Car that we check are:

Engine, Transmission, Steering, Suspension, Brakes, and Fuel System. These are the major mechanical parts of a car.

Procedures Used :
Gases and various pressures produced in the Engine are watchfully monitored by our technicians.
Any abnormal noises from Engine are carefully inspected with an Engine Probe.
Internal Engine pressure is directly checked and measured (occasional access problems can prevent this).
Engine and Transmission conditions are checked with a Computer Scan for trouble codes. In addition Live Engine Data is checked on a Digital Graphing Meter on Screen in a Live Waveform Analysis.

If asked a representative on the telephone will list 250 check points on a vehicle that we examine.

Charging system is checked for charging rate. Charging system involves Alternator, Battery and wires, cables, and connections between.

Check for structural condition and Leaks.
All vehicles are lifted as needed for a technician to thoroughly check the underbody for structural condition and Leaks from major componants.

High End Vehicles such as Cars and Certain Light Trucks and SUV's, normally call for our special High Mobile Lift Test. The High Mobile Lift Test is time consuming, and is a part of the extra charge for these vehicles.
If desired: ask us about a reduced rate with no High Mobile Lift Test.

For cars not yet seen and OUT OF TOWN CUSTOMERS:
WE TAKE PICTURES TO SEND TO YOU AS NEEDED. Check Vehicle Exterior Body and Interior. [especially looking for things like seat condition which can include permanent stains, Cigarette burns, and tears or rips] YOU NEED TO KNOW!

Thank You