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2017 Honda Ridgeline    Mileage 41,000

My name is Steve. I’d like to wish you the best on your next car purchase. Having an expert perform a used car test is vital, and that’s why you are reading this.

Here’s an interesting case: the person who hired us was from another State. He had only seen pictures of the car. In addition to the mechanical and structural condition, in situations like this we give our assessment of the various body and interior parts. We also provide FREE pictures, e-mailed same day, when requested.

The Carfax report showed NO DAMAGE, however when the customer made arraignments to purchase the car, the car dealer stated in writing that there WAS DAMAGE (that had been repaired) to the Right Front Portion of the vehicle. When I personally looked over the car, a completely different story unfolded.

2017 Honda Ridgeline    Mileage 41,000

[on a car Left Side is Driver Side]
Left Front End and Left Side Damage has been repaired
There is physical evidence of Damage to Front Left Fender, Left side Doors, Left Door Frames and “A” Pillar. Pillars are the vertical supports of the roof and windows of an automobile (Car and Truck).
Driver Door panel has square hole cut on top
Weather stripping loose on “A” Pillar (Front of Driver Door)
Cars that have been damaged can develop these plus other problems:
-Noises   -Leaks   -Alignment problems   -A/C Leaks

Rear End Damage has been repaired –seems to be centered around one taillight lens

**Mount the Battery  40-  80-

Pax side Mirror Bad  300- 500-??  Less?
Alignment indicated  95-

There were 3 different Burning smells that were noticed after the 8 minute test drive –these things would need further investigation
1=Possible Electrical wire burn smell
2=oil burning smell
3=Automatic Transmission Clutch smell

The smell of Automatic Transmission Clutch very often occurs with any car under extreme stress and workload (Example: Prolonged uphill grade and/or Prolonged Heavy Load). Also occurs with older high mileage cars and is a sign of major transmission wear. The occurrence of the smell would need to be examined again more closely and perhaps pinpointed.

Transmission Problems can be expensive  3800- is in the middle

Rear seats had a few lite stains
Small Ding above Pax Side Front Wheel
5 or more dings on rear bumper  -probably from parking