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2016 Toyota Sienna   Mileage 87,000

Front End Damage that has been repaired
Paint cracking on Front and Rear Bumpers (replaced and repainted)
** Windshield Wipers worn bad
Rear Brakes coming soon or need now  190-?
Negative battery terminal appears frozen with rust, will be complicated if battery service is done

Some oil around Transmission Drain Plug  -may be left over from sloppy service
-reseal?  no-charge or 5- with transmission fluid service [transmission fluid service 220-?]
-this area should be fixed &/or cleaned and rechecked for more pinpointed advise

Transmission  showing wear
Transmission  4200- (Even though the wear on the transmission appeared slight, nonetheless the transmission is showing wear. We can hope that it may last this way for some time to come, but the reality is that the transmission is showing wear. Even though it would be unlikely, the possibility exists, that the problem could get worse quickly and breakdown in a short amount of time. The possibility of a breakdown is possible.)